In the library, sunlight filters through. A quite, secluded corner is where he sits - away from prying eyes and their deceitful wiles. Enclosed by two rows of books, and a locked window that displays the open air of spring, therein he finds comfort and freedom.


He was one of the more attractive ones.

Dracula had much offspring, you know. And that bloodline has thinned since. Despite the fact Dracula was the epitome of evil, each successive mixed blood seemed to be.. a little less frightening. A little less... evil.

Science says it's through mutation that human beings have survived for so long. Creatures of darkness are definitely not excluded from this way of survival as well. So prone are they to mutations that, they have long abandoned the term creatures of darkness. Some few hundreds(thousands perhaps?), years after Dracule's death, creatures of the night began to appear by daylight. They soon became relatively normal humans. Their only mark of distinction was the lack of emotion, and of course, the occasional blood lust. Although the latter was not quite of such high priority when the need to feed came.

The former seemed to be a characteristic unaltered by time. Sure there are humans that become apathetic, but every single one of Dracule's descendants seem to share this trait. It is perhaps a reminder of who they are. There is the occasional intense pang of hatred. Anger. Lust. Perhaps even love? But that could be mistaken for the posessiveness most vampires had. Other than these bouts of emotions, these creatures were relatively dead at heart. Sure, they could compensate with logic when dealing with human emotions, but that's about it - Logic is as romantic as they get.

It is on these premises that we find him. It is rumored his mother descended from an heir of Chinese dragons, and that his father from a long line of pureblood Transylvanian vampires. Respectively, from the two is where he attained the slant of his eyes and the pale, yet thick skin he wears so gracefully. It was a snow dragon, which would explain the platinum blonde hair. He retained the aristocratic poise of the Transylvanian, as well as grey eyes so dark, it's been mistaken for ebony. His canines are just a tad bit longer than the norm and it all adds to his exotic appeal.

He was one of the more attractive ones.